Budget’s tight? Here are the first things to cut from your event.

1. Your Guest List- If you want to save money on your event, consider cutting that guest list down. We all know events are expensive, and usually a higher guest list means a higher cost.

2. Stationery- For the most part, your guests won’t be keeping your stationery after the event. You can always cut down on stationery costs by reducing the amount of stationery you will have at your event, or by choosing simpler designs for the pieces you need. Evites are also becoming a more popular option, so if you are open to going this route you can save hundreds on postage and stationery fees.

3. Cake- You can have your elaborate dream cake displayed, but if you want to cut costs, consider having a few fake tiers- professional bakers will be familiar with arranging these to look seamless- and then serving slab cakes from the kitchen.

4. Florals- Don’t worry, I am not telling you that you can’t have any flowers at your wedding! However, there are many flower options for more affordable arrangements, and very often there are non-floral centerpiece and dĂ©cor options that will suit your theme.

5. Alcohol- This is a huge budget-eater, and there are a few options for how you can lower the cost, such as having a toonie bar instead of an open bar, or serving just wine and signature drinks with dinner.

Ultimately, your priorities for your event will be unique to your vision for the day, but there are always options to lower costs while still hosting a beautiful event!

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