How To: Incorporate Your Event Theme

If you’ve seen my last post (Your Event Theme: Where to Begin), you know a bit already about developing and creating a cohesive theme that reflects your vision for your event. After developing an idea for your theme, the next step is to think of how you can tie it in to various areas of your event. You may have already come up with some ideas of how to do this while deciding on your theme- think of any inspiration photos that helped you decide on your theme, there could be aspects of your event right there!

It is important to find ways that you can involve your theme in most or all parts of your event to create a cohesive experience for you and your guests. Here are some areas you might want to consider, with some examples to help you along:

Venue: Certain venues can play a large role in dictating theme, while others offer more of a blank slate to build your theme upon. You will want to choose a venue while keeping your theme in mind, or the opposite if you come across your venue before deciding on a theme.

An example: An old castle can go a long way when trying to portray a fairy tale theme.

Stationery: One of the easiest ways to incorporate theme is through your stationery, whether that involves invitations, escort cards, menus, etc. Stationery can be widely customized with different textures, fonts, images, wording, and so much more.

An example: You are hosting a garden party themed shower, so you print the invitations on biodegradable seed paper.

Florals: While many types and colours of floral arrangements are not exclusive to certain themes, there are certainly ways to have your florals point to your theme specifically. It also helps to think of the vessels that will be holding any florals being used as décor, as these containers come in varying types that can be applied to your theme.

An example: Wildflowers are a great addition to a laid back, rustic theme.

Attire: Your attire as well as guest attire can contribute to the theme and formality of your event, especially in the case of parties that call for costume wear.

An example: If you are hosting a formal masquerade party, what guests wear to your event will have a big impact on how the theme comes across.

Food: Food is often left not reflecting the theme, but it doesn’t have to be that way. By incorporating foods that relate to your theme, guests will feel truly involved in the theme of your event. Your cake is a great way to incorporate your theme as well.

An example: Having a picnic family reunion where each household brings a favourite dish (and the story behind it!) is a great way to get conversation going and remind guests the reason behind the event.

Music: Music, similarly to floral elements, is not something that is exclusive to one theme. Most events with dancing will play some current hits to get people on the dance floor, though these songs may not relate directly to the event theme. That being said, having music that reflects your theme is definitely possible, and can add to the overall flow of your event.

An example: A 70s themed anniversary party may play some music from the decade, while playing other current songs that reflect the sounds and style of that decades music.

Entertainment: Your theme can easily be translated into the types of entertainment you may have at your event. Whether your entertainment involves party games, live performances, or anything else you can imagine, it will likely naturally reflect the theme of your event. It is also good to keep in mind that entertainment does not always have to be costly, as there are many simple ways to entertain guests that don’t involve spending a big portion of your budget.

An example: A weekend camping themed retreat may involve outdoor games such as cornhole and ultimate frisbee.

Lighting: Lighting can be one of the easiest ways to make or break an event. It is important to consider the atmosphere you want to create for your event when choosing the lighting style that will best go along with your theme.

An example: If you are hosting a romantic, industrial themed wedding, hanging Edison bulbs or other warm, visible lighting will help communicate your theme.

Linens: Linens can be great for introducing colours and textures that go along with your theme.

An example: If you are hosting a mermaid themed birthday party, having cream sequined tablecloths with purple and teal napkins and other accents will go a long way.

Decorative Objects: Décor that will be placed around your event can make a great addition to the overall theme and feeling that is in your event space. These kinds of decorative objects can be great on a guest book table, cake table, or anywhere else that needs a little something to look perfect for your event.

An example: Having a stack of old books with a vintage trinket on top on a guest book table is a great addition at a vintage themed wedding.

Creating an event theme can be a difficult process, so once you have developed a theme that you love, you want to be sure that it is well translated throughout your event. There are so many areas and ways to incorporate your theme, and I hope this post got you thinking of a few areas you may not have previously thought of doing so!

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