How To: Registry Tips

For some people, thinking of things they need or want for their new venture comes pretty easily, and that is great! However, a lot of people have a hard time asking for gifts, or just don’t know where to begin, especially if they already have a lot of what they need. Loved ones really enjoy spoiling you during special times in your life, but it is also important that they know what kinds of things you need or want so their gifts will be put to good use. Here are some tips on how to make a great registry so the gift giving and receiving process is seamless:

1. Do it early

You want to be sure that your registry is ready early enough for people that want to give you a shower gift or that like to get their shopping done early.

2. Have a variety for EVERYTHING

A great registry has options for every single person invited to your event. This means you have to diversify your gift wants and needs to cover a wide scope of options. You want to include:

Various price points- Anywhere from $5 to $150 is a good ball park range. This way people can choose to bundle a few things if they want more than one item or people who want to spend a bit more have options they know you want to receive.

Various stores-Have a variety of stores so you know there is at least one store each person will have access to.

Various buying options- Have options for both in store and online purchasing. This doesn’t mean you have to have an in store registry somewhere, but having options on your registry that can be purchased through a link as well as ones that can be purchased in store is a good idea.

Various gift types: Your registry doesn’t have to be all physical gifts, though obviously those are a key part. Believe it or not, some people actually want to give you cash, so having an option on your registry to give cash towards a specific fund like a honeymoon fund helps them know where that cash is going. Another option is to register for vouchers or gift cards for experiences, such as getting a couples massage or going to dinner together.

3. Over-register

It is a much better idea to register for too many gifts so that people have options than to register for too few and have the registry run out of items before everyone has purchased their gift.

4. Find a registry checklist so you don’t miss anything

Especially if you will be moving into a new home or this is your first babe, having a list to reference is a good idea so you don’t miss any of the small details (think box cutters for your home or pacifiers for your new babe)

5. Think of getting upgrades or extras

If you are struggling with ideas because you already have everything, think of registering for upgrades that you may not have purchased yourself, or extras of things you know you will consistently need (think diapers in growing sizes or cleaning supplies).

6. Add an address

Often times people don’t want to have to bring their gift to the event, or people want you to have it as soon as possible, especially if it is something they know you could also use before your event date. Adding an address (or a ship to home option with a hidden address) lets the gifts come straight to you, and you can choose whether you want to open them right away. This will also take the stress out of loading so many gifts up to bring home after your event.

7. Keep track of all gifts

Have a handy spreadsheet to keep track of every gift you get, who it is from, and when you sent the thank you note. This will ensure that nobody’s gift gets forgotten once you open it up and put it to use in your home, so that you can reference exactly what each guest purchased for you in their thank you card.

This list should give you a good starting place for building a useful registry. Enjoy your gift choosing!

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