Holiday Ideas Amidst a Pandemic

I know I post a lot of wedding content over here in the blog section, but the truth is I am available to plan all kinds of events! My goal as a planner is to take the stress off of your shoulders, whatever that may look like. So, as we venture into a very different kind of holiday season, here are some ideas that may help you through.

Disclaimer: All of these are intended to be virtual or contactless event ideas. Though it may be hard not to be physically with your family this holiday season, it is most important that you keep yourself and others safe!

Without further ado, here are some ways to spend time with loved ones as the year comes to an end!

Have everyone cook (or order in!) the same meal

Have a cookie or gingerbread house decorating contest

Omit gifts- or give virtual gifts such as e-gift cards, donations to their favourite cause, etc.

If you want to give physical gifts, have the packages sent straight to the recipient’s home so there is less contact with the products inside

Watch the same movie at a set start time

Play a virtual party game- there are many platforms to do this

Have a “drive in” movie night: stream a movie onto your garage with a projector and have each family unit participate from their vehicles

Do a drive by to say hello

Wear matching PJs and hop on a video call

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